Why is He Jiankui in real trouble with justice in China?: Consent form and Harmonicare Hospital statement

He Jiankui, the scientist who achieved notoriety with the gene-edited babies scandal, may be facing an unusually harsh punishment in China. Even the death penalty seems to be in the cards. The most troublesome aspect of his misadventure appears to be that which relates to corruption charges. He Jiankui allegedly misled the participants in the […]

Robert Weinberg, Carlo Croce and Olivier Voinnet: three actionable cases of defamation perpetrated by Ivan Oransky’s Retraction Watch

Robert Weinberg, Carlo Croce and Olivier Voinnet are extremely gifted scientists. They have spent long hours in the lab and their amazing drive and talent have turned them into towering figures in their respective fields. Their achievements are widely recognized and have earned them solid reputations in Cancer Genetics, Cancer Biology and Plant Biology, their […]

The Birth of Epistructural Biology – Ariel Fernandez, Annalen der Physik, September Cover, 2018.

Linus Pauling, the most gifted physical chemist that ever lived, once said that the realization of the relevance of the hydrogen bond, a relatively weak molecular force, gave birth to Structural Biology. He also said that there was more to it, a sort of meta-analysis of structural biology that was still missing. This he conveyed to Oktay […]