Converging Technologies at ProWDSciences: Protein-Water-Dehydron-Bingo!

Translational research involving converging technologies is clearly the way of the future for drug discovery and the pharmaceutical industry. At least, this is what we are being told by leading scientist Sangtae Kim in a recent NSF lecture on Converging Technologies. The great Sangtae Kim himself appears to have followed this mantra when he founded the biotech company ProWDSciences, where “ProWD” stands for Protein-Water-Dehydron. As the name informs us, ProWD Sciences is all about converging technologies. The idea is enshrined in the unfamiliar word dehydron (脱水元). Dehydron is the central concept of epistructural biology, a new scientific field developed by Ariel Fernandez to deal with the complex physics of the protein-water interface. To properly define dehydrons, a multiscale theory of biological water may be required, as Kim would say. Yet, as described in the book Biomolecular Interfaces, we may say that dehydrons refer to structural deficiencies in proteins that promote interfacial tension, are endowed with catalytic properties and serve as selectivity filters for drug design.  As the research of Ariel Fernandez suggests, the dehydron may well be the point of convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, molecular engineering and learning technologies, the sort of convergence that Kim described in his NSF lecture. Time will tell us how this technological convergence will enable the rational design of safer anticancer drugs with optimal selectivity control.

Ariel Fernandez and Sangtae Kim
Ariel Fernandez (left) and Sangtae Kim toying with a dehydron-based molecular design at the Morgridge Institute for Research (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

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