Artificial Intelligence Empowers Drug Design at Ariel Fernandez Consultancy

AI has become unavoidable, essential. It fertilizes/empowers almost every scientific discipline. Drug discovery and development, always pivoting on big data, is surely no exception. Versatile companies and big pharmas are keenly aware of this reality, and are now incorporating AI to their endeavors at breakneck pace.  A paragon of this versatility is AF Innovation, a […]

Retraction Watch: a loose cannon threatens the scientific establishment

To make progress, science requires peer review. But the type of peer review that has assisted scientific research for centuries is a far cry from the self-appointed data police organization named Retraction Watch (RW). With its complete lack of accountability and nonexistent scientific credentials, RW only encourages unfiltered denigration. To quote Susan T. Fiske, chaired […]

Scientific Establishment Under Attack: Prof Susan Fiske on Retraction Watch and Anti-Science Terrorism

Science requires peer critiques, cannot do without them. But as we have amply shown, Retraction Watch (RW) only encourages unfiltered denigration. To quote Susan T. Fiske, chaired Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at Princeton University and former APS president, “the self-appointed data police is volunteering critiques of such personal ferocity and relentlessness that they […]

Overdue: US Advisory Board for Research Integrity hopefully ending the era of Retraction Watch and data bullies

When it comes to scientific integrity, US research institutions are stuck in a dismal situation.  A breed of data thugs bullying institutions and journals, and a mob of angry losers and science dropouts are effectively running the show from the squalor of venues like Retraction Watch. Sadly, a few members of the science establishment – […]

Why is He Jiankui in real trouble with justice in China?: Consent form and Harmonicare Hospital statement

He Jiankui, the scientist who achieved notoriety with the gene-edited babies scandal, may be facing an unusually harsh punishment in China. Even the death penalty seems to be in the cards. The most troublesome aspect of his misadventure appears to be that which relates to corruption charges. He Jiankui allegedly misled the participants in the […]

Robert Weinberg, Carlo Croce and Olivier Voinnet: three actionable cases of defamation perpetrated by Ivan Oransky’s Retraction Watch

Robert Weinberg, Carlo Croce and Olivier Voinnet are extremely gifted scientists. They have spent long hours in the lab and their amazing drive and talent have turned them into towering figures in their respective fields. Their achievements are widely recognized and have earned them solid reputations in Cancer Genetics, Cancer Biology and Plant Biology, their […]